The Best Car Insurance Companies of 2023

With changes in economic conditions, life has new possibilities every day. There is a potential occasion when you decide to buy a new car. To make the driving experience enjoyable, you need insurance which is important for your protection and comfort. But choosing a good insurance company can be quite difficult.

In our ranking of the best auto insurance companies of 2023, we see that USAA, which topped last year’s list, has taken the lead again this year. American Family, which is in second place this year, has moved up eight spots from the 2022 edition. Statefarm is next in third place, while Geico and Nationwide are tied at number four.

What is the best car insurance company?

USAA ranks first in the 2023 Best Auto Insurance Companies ranking. However, this company’s policies are only for the military community.

USAA remains No. 1 in the 2023 Best Auto Insurance Companies ranking. Our results ranked the company #1 in several subcategories, including customer service, top recommender, and top renewer. USAA ranks second behind American Family in claims handling scores and is tied with American Family in the customer loyalty subcategory.

The company also ranked No. 1 in our ranking of the cheapest car insurance companies, with lower average documents in various categories.

USAA’s car insurance company is only available to members of the military community, so most consumers will want to learn more about other insurance companies.

American Family

American Family, which ranked second in our overall ranking of the best auto insurance companies with a 4.3 percent increase, showed excellent performance in most subcategories. The company ranks No. 1 in customer loyalty and holds the highest rating for claims handling. In the rest of the subcategories, American Family took either second place or third place. The company ranks in the middle of the insurance company rankings for pricing, ranking 5th in the overall ranking of cheapest car insurance companies.

American Family showed the biggest increase in the ratings compared to last year, moving up eight places to come in at No. 2 exactly.

State Farm

State Farm, which ranked third in our rankings with a 4.2 rating. The company performs well in all subcategories included in our rankings, including the No. 2 rating for Best Auto Insurance Companies for Seniors. State Farm ranks tied for No. 2 with American Family for customer service, and tied for No. 3 with four members in the claims handling subcategory.

State Farm also has lower current costs in the claims handling subcategory, and the company also performs well in various pricing specialty subcategories, including insurance pricing for teen drivers and seniors.

It’s one of the cheapest companies on average for drivers driving after a ticket or accident, and the cheapest after Dewey.


Jaco, which tied for No. 4 in our 2023 Best Auto Insurance Companies ranking with 4.1 growth, joins Nationwide. This is down one place from a year ago, when the company was tied at number three with three members. Jaco ranked in the top half of all subcategories included in our rankings, including top-5 ratings for customer service, claims handling, and customer loyalty.

It is also one of the cheapest car insurance companies. Jaco ranked No. 2 overall in our ranking of the cheapest auto insurance companies, behind only USAA. The company joins a variety of categories with affordable pricing, including low premiums for ten drivers and drivers looking for lower levels of coverage.


Nationwide is tied for number 4 in our rankings with Jaco. Nationwide has a total rating of 4.1. The company ranks tied for No. 4 in the Customer Service subcategory, tied for No. 3 in the Claims Handling subcategory, and tied for No. 6 for Customer Loyalty. It joins the top-5 sub-categories to be the most chosen for many people’s suggestions.

In Nationwide’s ranking of the cheapest car insurance companies, it finished just short of the medal, and tied for number 6 overall.


Farmers is tied for No. 6 in the 2023 Best Auto Insurance Companies Overall Ranking, tied with Travelers, Allstate, and All. The company ranks tied at No. 4 in the customer service subcategory, tied at No. 3 in claims handling, and tied at No. 6 for customer loyalty. Farmers ranked last in the potential sub-category for least renewal.

Farmers typically offers the highest average prices in our studies, and our latest ranking of the cheapest car insurance companies ended on November 9.

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